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Bridging the Age Gap Between Kinship Caregivers and Children

My mother was 39 and my father was 37 when I was born. There were times when this age difference was challenging for me as a child. The almost 40-year…

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Road Trip of an Adoptive Mom

In 2008, our family adopted our youngest son from the foster care system. Prior to adoption, my husband and I dove in headfirst, educating ourselves on what to expect, researching,…

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Supporting Children During an Ongoing Pandemic

Being a caretaker of a child who has experienced traumatic events is challenging. In the best situations, you’ve gathered a support team and resources that might include school personnel, mental…

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The Importance of Caregiver Self-Care

New kinship and adoptive families typically experience major changes in their daily lives and routines. Self-care is essential to establishing stability for the child or children in your care.   At the base level, self-care is “the act of…

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Raising a Child with a Disability

Whether you are providing kinship care short- or long-term or have adopted, bringing a child into your home is a beautiful challenge. There may be parts of your experience that…

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The Benefits of Reading to Children of All Ages

“Just one more story!” It’s a common bedtime refrain for many households with young children, but the benefits are much greater and last far longer into childhood than most parents…

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