Important Note for PASSS Applicants

According to the PASSS rule OAC 5101:2-44-13 Administration of the PASSS program, "(L) ODJFS will approve PASSS funding for eligible applicants as long as state funds are available. In the event state funding is no longer available, the PASSS program will close to new applications until July first of the following state fiscal year (SFY). Once state funds have been exhausted, ODJFS may not be held responsible for payment of services for applications that have not been approved."

For any questions about approved applications, please contact:


The Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS) program is a federally supported program for post-adoptive families of children with special needs. PASSS provides up to $10K in funding per adopted child with special needs per year, to help cover the costs associated with specialized services, resources, and more.

Please note: PASSS funds are made available upon your application being approved by the Ohio Department of Children and Youth (DCY). The PASSS funding pool is not unlimited, and may be exhausted each year based on the volume of applications received. 

Applications are submitted directly to OhioKAN and then reviewed by DCY for approval and funding. OhioKAN Navigators are available for any questions at 1-844-OHIOKAN (1-844-644-6526) Monday - Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm.


Program Details

The purpose of the Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS) is to assist Ohio families after the finalization of their adoption.

  • The subsidy is available to all adoptive families regardless of the type of adoption (international, attorney, public or private agency), with the exception of step-parent adoptions.
  • The child does not have to meet either the federal or state definition of special needs to receive this subsidy.
  • Each child may be eligible for up to $10,000 ($15,000 if residential treatment is recommended by a qualified professional) per state of Ohio fiscal year - which begins on July 1st and runs through June 30th.
  • PASSS funds are made available upon your application being approved by the Ohio Department of Children and Youth (DCY). The PASSS funding pool is not unlimited, and may be exhausted each year based on the volume of applications received.
  • PASSS funds may be used for reasonable costs of services to address the child's physical condition, developmental disability, mental health, or emotional condition that either existed prior to the adoption or developed after the adoption and can be attributed to factors in the child's preadoption background, medical history, or biological family's background or medical history.

Annual Timeline

  • PASSS funding happens annually based on the fiscal calendar, and needs to be applied for each year. July 1st is when the new year starts, in line with the state of Ohio fiscal calendar.
  • The PASSS Online Application portal opens each year on May 15th for the upcoming year.
  • Your PASSS funds for the current year will expire on June 30th. If you require continued services beyond July 1st, please submit a new application for the upcoming state fiscal year.

PASSS Application Process

Steps to Apply

Check on Application Status

Looking to check the status of your application? Reach out to your assigned OhioKAN Navigator who contacted you and helped you submit your application. If you are unsure who your OhioKAN Navigator is, feel free to call anytime M-F 8:30a - 6:30p ET to speak with a Navigator.


The following eligibility requirements must be met in order to qualify for the PASSS program:

  • Child/young person resides in Ohio with the adoptive family
  • Child/young person has been adopted by someone other than a step-parent
  • Child/young person has a physical or developmental disability or mental or emotional condition that either existed before the adoption petition was filed or developed after the adoption petition was filed and can be directly attributed to factors in the child/young person’s pre-adoption background or medical history, or biological family’s background or medical history
  • The child/young person is under the age of eighteen OR the child/young person is at least eighteen years of age and less than twenty-one years of age and has been diagnosed with a mental or physical disability
  • Other sources of assistance are inadequate or are unavailable to meet the child/young person’s immediate needs

Ways to Apply

If you are familiar with the PASSS application and are ready to start your application, you can complete the application in three ways:


The simplest way to apply for PASSS is by using the Online PASSS Portal, operated by the State of Ohio. Please note, you will need an OH|ID, which you can set up as part of this process if you do not have one already.


You can request a paper application by mail, complete it at home, and return it via the provided pre-paid return envelope. Please send your application and related documents to:

OhioKAN PASSS Processing Department
P.O. Box 91039
Cleveland, OH 44101

Please note: if you request a paper application packet be mailed to you, you will receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed return envelope which can be used to return your entire application to OhioKAN.


Download Application Documents (to fill out and submit via secure email, or to print and mail in).

Contact Us

If you would like to talk with an OhioKAN Navigator to learn more and receive 1:1 personalized help completing your PASSS application, simply contact us using a method below. Upon talking with an OhioKAN Navigator, you can schedule an in-person appointment if desired as well.

Resources for Providers

As a provider of PASSS services, we understand the importance of having access to the most accurate and current information regarding the PASSS program. For a comprehensive understanding of the program, we encourage you to explore the following links:

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at Thank you for your commitment as a PASSS service provider.


Download Application

Please use the links below to download the PDF version of the PASSS Application. These forms are fillable and can be completed on a computer, or printed and completed by hand. Once complete, applications should be mailed to OhioKAN's PASSS Processing Department. You can also scroll down below to request a mailed paper application, including a pre-paid, pre-addressed return envelope.

Application Checklists

Form Type Form Name Download Link
Portal Application ChecklistChecklistPASSS APPLICATION CHECKLIST (ONLINE PORTAL)Download Form
Paper/Email Application ChecklistChecklistPASSS APPLICATION CHECKLIST (PAPER/EMAIL APPLICATION)Download Form

Application Forms

Below you will find both required and instructional forms to complete your PASSS application.

Form # Required For Form Name Download Link
JFS-01681Required for AllApplicant Financial StatementDownload PDF
Paper & EmailApplication for Post Adoption Special Services Subsidy (PASSS)Download PDF
JFS-01420Paper & EmailAuthorization to Release Confidential SACWIS InformationDownload PDF
As ApplicableApplication for Additional PASSS Funding for Extraordinary CircumstancesDownload PDF
As ApplicableCredentials of Professional Providers of PASSS Funded Therapeutic Services and Memorandum of UnderstandingDownload PDF
JFS 04059InstructionalExplanation of State Hearing ProceduresDownload PDF

Request Application by Mail

Please use the form below to request a PASSS application be mailed to you. This will include a pre-paid, return address envelope for mailing your completed application back to OhioKAN.

PASSS Full Application Preview

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